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The nature of zodiacs

Hey everyone!

I wanted to discuss zodiac signs and stereotypes that go with them today.

I have always wondered why there are such stereotypes. Especially when they are negative. And all people are different, no matter what sign you have. For example Libra's are seen as indecisive and flirty to everyone, while I have met Libra's that are the opposite. 

And Scorpio's for example are sometimes called demons, and horny. Like, I am a Scorpio and I am everything, but that. I feel like, stereotypes are such an unnecessary thing, yet we want something to cling ourselves on to so we make these things up. And that really annoys me. Zodiacs can be fun, but not when there like slandering a specific Zodiac.

I like it when we think about someone we know with a certain Zodiac sign and actually do research on what we say. And I am not saying none of the Zodiac people have done that. A lot of them have, but sometimes things can be totally unfair to people, maybe even hurtfull. And I want that to stop and that everyone considers people a person, no matter what their Zodiac sign is.